Featured Artist - Lauren Kelly

Featured Artist - Lauren Kelly

Featured Artist - Lauren Kelly

Featured Artist #1 Artist and printmaker Lauren Kelly

Lauren teaches art and has been creating Linocuts for around 10 years after a chance encounter with disused printing press led her to start her focus on Lino printing. She rescued the press from a dusty corner of the art department at the school she teaches at. Once she had started to use it in her teaching, she was inspired to start printing her own designs and has constantly been creating new ideas since.

Lauren's prints are born out a of a fascination with objects, collections, pattern and repetition. Lauren studied Graphic Design and has experimented with many types of printmaking but settled on Lino printing. Her graphic design background has given a sense of order and organisation in compositions and an illustrative style design to her pieces.

Lauren is based in Wivenhoe near Colchester. As well as creating a new collection of Wildflowers of Wivenhoe prints, Lauren has recently enjoyed adding hand finished elements to some of her prints using watercolour and metallic inks. Her recent pieces such as 'Pale Pink Moonlight' (my personal favourite!) and 'Golden Sunlight' have explored nature and symbolism and found inspiration in tarot cards and vintage poster designs. 

Lauren's favourite items from the Oaken Moon shop:

  1. The Moon - 365 Reflections - "I am fascinated by the Moon, and even have a moon tattoo, so this looks like a really interesting book"

  2. Chakra Hand-carved Round Incense Holder - "I love the colours and circular designs on these"

  3. Screenprint 'Foliage in Teal' by Holly Trill - "This really satisfies my love of house plants and I like that you see more and more each time you look"

  4. Giclée Print 'Blossom in Blue' by Ella Johnston - "The colour of this print reminds me of cyanotypes"

  5. Greetings Card 'British Trees by Leaf' - "I am a real collector of things and I like the idea of going for a walk and trying to spot all of these trees"

  6. Greeting Card 'Lilac' by Holly Trill - "Simply a beautiful design, I really like the combination of colour and pattern and lilac is such a beautiful plant"

  7. Ink on Paper 'Celebration II' by Ella Johnston - "This is such a fun, lively and energetic artwork, definitely lives up to its title"

  8. Silver Plated Star Pendant & Chain - "A lovely simple necklace that could be worn with anything. I love the hammered metal effect too"

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